A Women's Monthly "Talk Story” Gathering


Women Supporting Women 
Make Yourself a Priority in a 
Community of  Sisterhood and Spiritual Partnership   

 facilitated by Kaleo Wheeler 


These monthly Gatherings are for each woman present to find support and strength by being in sisterhood together to connect to our inner essence  and experience confidence in who we are, as women.  It is a "time out" from the stresses in our outer world by being in a "sacred space" with each other.  It is where we each can feel safe to explore being our Authentic Self by  connecting and communicating with each other in a loving and compassionate way.  We can then go back out into our daily lives feeling refreshed, renewed and with more confidence, strength and self-esteem.   

Experience a sacred space for women to: 

  • feel safe in expressing ourselves to feel heard, acknowledged and respected. 
  • share our stories, laughter and tears to find our commonalities as women in our current world 
  • support and encourage each other to be our True Selves and share our gifts out into the world

There is a check-in time at the beginning of each circle to  decide what the group would like to have as the topic for that circle.  Rev. Kaleo Wheeler holds the energy,  and is the facilitator for the group.

The next Gathering is Monday, November 19 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the River House at the Glendale Shoals in East Spartanburg.  The suggested donation is $10.  Come join us! 

The Gatherings will be changing in December to the 2nd Thursday of the month at the same time and place. 

Contact us to reserve your space.


You can also join our Meetup group at:  https://www.meetup.com/A-Woman-Authentic-Being-Your-True-Self/

The Gatherings are held in the home of Kaleo Wheeler.  Address and directions are given when you rsvp.  

Bless the Present - Trust Yourself - Expect the Best


    Sign up for insights and suggestions on how to connect to your Inner Essence and Authentic Self to experience confidence in who you are, as a woman.