Vocal Freedom- Be Your Authentic Self


Do you communicate effectively? 

Are you comfortable with your voice? 

Would you like to feel more confident in using your voice to elicit respect and influence others?

Your Most Personal Self-Image is You.  The human voice contains within it the seeds of the whole person—your vocal “fingerprint”.  Every facet at every level of your being is revealed in your voice.  A balanced vocal mechanism—flexible, strong and sustained by a full breath—emanates from a balanced individual, fully in command of all physical, emotional and mental abilities. 

In every vocal sound we make, there is power.  When you  become more lovingly conscious of your voice, appreciate its uniqueness and have tools to be able to use it in a way that empowers you, you can communicate more effectively and be more confident in speaking up for yourself to elicit respect and to influence others to create the life you want.

A dynamic new way to approach your voice.  This training is about exploring your voice in all types of situations and uses.  Its purpose is to facilitate conscious awareness of the connections between body, mind, emotion and spirit through the use of your voice.  It explores the relationship of the emotions to the hidden expression in speech—preparing you to express yourself authentically and to hear the unspoken communication you receive from others.  You will also learn production, increasing vocal control, emotional expression and impact.

It is suitable for anyone, including speakers, singers and healers—and especially women.  Drawing from science, medicine and nature, you learn to strengthen weaknesses, enhance positive capacities, and establish the connection between the body/mind and emotions, allowing you to fully use your voice.  Through understanding resonance, you bridge the gap between the spiritual and the mental, opening the heart’s door to health and service as a leader, team player, parent, and member of the community. 

Vocal Freedom helps you to have better self-expression, self-confidence and creativity.  It will help you:

  • strengthen weaknesses,
  • enhance positive capacities,
  • generally develop the ability to become one with your voice. 
  • in feeling empowered and confident in your voice and in yourself as a leader, team player, parent, member of the community, and an authentic YOU. 

An Evening Workshop: The 5 Steps to Vocal Freedom

Date & Time: TBA in 2019 
Taught by Kaleo Wheeler  
Location: the River House at the Glendale Shoals in East Spartanburg SC.   

Private Sessions    
In person at the River House at Glendale Shoals and Online on Skype    

 Classes and workshops will also be available in Greenville SC, starting in January 2019   
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