The Art of Forgiving


Free Yourself of Anger, Resentment &                   Guilt to Live Your Live                     in Grace, Harmony and Well Being 

Do you feel incapable of creating a life of happiness, joy and fulfillment?  

Do you feel stuck in the past, fearful of the future, angry towards yourself & others in the present?  

Have you been betrayed by someone close to you, feeling they were a foe rather than a friend?  

Do you feel unable to forgive others who have hurt you and to forgive yourself? 

Rev. Kaleo Wheeler has created a step-by-step system to find Forgiveness that draws from one of the most valued practices of the Hawaiian culture  and that goes back to their ancient times and is still used in Hawai'i today.  Ho'oponopono, which means "to make right". The simple and practical techniques shared in this system can help you to free yourself of anger, resentment and guilt, to live your life instead in a place of grace, harmony and well being and find peaceful resolution of conflict in your relationships. 

Topics Covered: 
Hawaiian Forgiveness and the Three Transgressions 
Forgiving the Forgivable and the Unforgivable 
Freeing Yourself - to Being in Harmony (Pono) and Well Being with Yourself and the World Around You 

“This ancient practice (Ho'oponopono) is one of the soundest methods to restore and maintain good family relationships that any society has ever devised." 

Taught by Rev. Kaleo Wheeler 

All you need is to have an open mind.

 5 Steps to Free Yourself of Anger, Guilt and Resentment
- An Introductory Workshop held at the River House at the Glendale Shoals in East Spartanburg SC
TBA   6:30-8:30pm    Fee: $27

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Private Sessions   
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 Classes and workshops will also be available in Greenville SC, starting in January 2019  
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