Emotional Freedom,
Health & Vitality

through the Chinese 5 Elements

Take the mystery out of why we experience the extreme emotions of anger, fear and anxiety, removing the distress they cause to the body   

Experience your emotions working with you rather than against you in creating joy, vitality and good health in your life  

Be empowered by knowing how to maintain peace and calmness and inner joy, even with the stresses and fears that around us in today's world

It is normal to respond to life with emotion and feelings – and some seem to give us energy, while others decrease our energy. Some feelings open us up, while others close us down.  Some feelings create tension, while others relax us.  This is a normal "dance of the emotions" that is part of life, with the stress-responsive emotions, such as anger and fear transforming back into related synergic emotions which are characterized by a sense of inner peace and relaxation when the when the cause for the stress and response has ended.   

In a natural state of bodymind freedom and spontaneity, feelings and emotions change continuously – as does life.  Yet we often find ourselves, especially in today's world with all that is happening around us creating uncertainty and anxiety, in a kind of stuck place, with distressed feelings repeating themselves as often as certain television commercials, causing body/mind stress.  Trying to ignore the upset feelings and just jump to a peaceful or balanced state by an effort of will is usually unsuccessful.  A harmonious emotional state is more easily attained by accepting and exploring all of ourselves and all of our emotions than by trying to be a certain way. 

Emotional Freedom, Health & Vitality  is an integrated system that Rev. Kaleo Wheeler has created that draws from the ancient Chinese acu-system of healing that believes the emotions are just symptoms to let us know where we are out of balance within our body mind.  This ancient system goes back thousands of years; and  is more important then ever in our modern world with the stress and uncertainty that so many of us are now experiencing.  

    The main tool used is the the Chinese 5-Element Emotional Kaleidoscope*, developed by Iona Marsaa Teeguarden (creator of Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure), that uses simple and practical techniques to help us to understand where we are stuck, what we need to do, and where we need to go to bring ourselves back to balance.   

    Experience how to:   

    • Understand what you are feeling and where you are out of balance 
    • Experience your emotions working with you rather than against you 
    • Be empowered by knowing how to maintain peace, calmness and inner joy, no matter of what is going on around you
    • Recognize and seek the good in every moment of your life, and even find a way to create good out of everything that happens. 
    • Use anything that happens in your life, good and bad, as an opportunity to increase the joy, vitality and happiness in yourself and in the world  
    • Build a high degree of "enjoyment energy" rather than "motivational desire energy" for your life   

    An Evening Workshop: The 5 Steps to Emotional Freedom, Health & Vitality

    Date & Time: TBA in 2019
    Fee: $30 Taught by Kaleo Wheeler 
    Location: the River House at the Glendale Shoals in East Spartanburg SC.  

    Private Sessions   
    In person at the River House at Glendale Shoals and Online on Skype   

     Classes and workshops will also be available in Greenville SC, starting in January 2019  
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