Embracing Your Divine Feminine

“The Divine Feminine is:  
Our Feelings... Our Insights...  
Our Ideas... Our Intuitive Self... 
Our Hidden Dreams…  
Our Creative Self Unique to each of us” 

An Ancient Moon Ceremony 

Experience the Power of Your Creative Life Force Through Sacred Chant and Ceremony  

Creating  a Community of Sisterhood and Spiritual Partnership through the Sacred

An opportunity for women to come together in an ancient moon ceremony to remember and reconnect to the Divine Feminine within us. We stand together in the collective energy of the group, while having a very personal and individual experience. It can be done at any time of the lunar cycle, but is especially powerful at the times of the New and Full Moon.

The main body of the Ceremony is around the singing of an ancient chant which opens the door to the Divine Feminine and the Universal Truth within each of us.  It is a combination of a very ancient tradition going back to Egypt and before with Native American practices and the Hawaiian Way of the Heart - "Living the Aloha Spirit". 

“It is in embracing the Divine Feminine and bringing it into harmony with the Divine Masculine that we will find harmony and peace for our world.” 
 -Oh Shinnah Fastwolf, Native American Elder 

Living by the Lunar Cycle

Before we had weather reports, our ancestors would study moon phases to determine the best time to plant their crops. Few people realize the huge effect the moon has on our lives; and if you follow its phases and plan your actions around them, you will soon discover that by taking the appropriate action at the right time you can create your own destiny.    

As women, we have additional senses of rhythm that connect us to the cycles of the moon. Each month, a woman’s body has the ability to cleanse and rejuvenate itself through her menses. It used to be in traditional cultures, that women would menstruate together during the dark night of the new moon. During this time they would gather to support one another in a journey of deep introspection.   

 We live in a world of duality - masculine and feminine.  It is what the ancient Chinese Taoism refers to as Yin and Yang – a world of opposites; and for each of us to be in balance, we need to be connected to both.  In our present, modern world, we have been living under the influence of the sun since the Roman Empire created the solar calendar.    The Lunar Cycle and Calendar has all but been forgotten, except for the indigenous traditions.

It is time for women to reconnect to this lunar cycle within us, as the growing cycle on the earth, to go within to connect to the our Divine Feminine, our unique creative expression, our Authentic Self and our purpose in being here. We can then bring it into balance with our Divine Masculine,   and a bring our authenticity and unique creative expression out into the world to be manifest.   

Following the lunar cycle and bringing it into balance with the solar is it is a way of living – not a religion in any form.  One can still call on "God" or the "Supreme Being" in whatever form or persona speaks to you in setting your intention to work through a particular lunar cycle – the cycle is just another aspect of the life of duality that we experience in physical form and that needs to be acknowledged and embraced – as in needing both a man and woman to create a new life.  When we celebrate and embrace these two polarities within us, we are then able to create a “new life” for ourselves by being able to manifest fully our passion and life purpose and find a life of joy and fulfillment.

A Monthly Women's New Moon Circle - Living by the Lunar Cycle   
Helping Women to Connect to their own Lunar Cycle through Ceremony and Sisterhood   

Please join us as we come together in sisterhood twice a month for a Monthly Lunar Circle, standing in ceremony together at the New Moon of a new cycle and at the time of the Moon Opposite to support each other on our own individual and inner lunar journey for that month.    The Circles are held at the Heart of Aloha Center in Spartanburg SC.

There will also be an opportunity in the near future to join a 13 month journey, to experience the lunar cycle in action through following the 13 moons of a lunar year.  Intention will be set at the first New Moon for what you choose to create in that time, with each  cycle building on the previous.  Keeping a "moon journal", meditation and introspection will be required during the month.  It is very much a private and personal journey, while also experiencing the support and Sisterhood of the other women going through this journey with you.

Ceremonies and Circles are held at the River House at the Glendale Shoals in Spartanburg SC

The next Moon Ceremony will be celebrating the Full Moon on  Friday, October 26

The Monthly New Moon Circles will be starting in November 2018

For more information or to reserve a place, Contact Us.

Bless the Present - Trust Yourself - Expect the Best


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